Darwin YHA Hostel: Where to stay in Darwin, Australia

We shown up a quarter to six. In a few minutes, the hostel would open, however instead of calling the personnel to fit us, we selected to just stay outside as well as wait on the best time. That July morning was cooler than we expected, as well as we didn’t mind killing time by viewing passersby, some obviously had a drink (or seemed like it). Darwin just before dawn was quiet.

The very first stop in our six-city trip across the northern area as well as Queensland, Darwin would provide us our preliminary perception of the Australian continent.

Right on the dot, one of the personnel opened the door as well as welcomed us. “G’day,” she said. If it was any type of indication, we had nothing to concern about. Aussies would show to be friendly, as well as their work ethic, reliably on point.

מה מכוסה במדריך זה?

Room as well as Rates
Amenities as well as Service

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Room as well as Rates

Darwin YHA is likewise called Globetrotters Lodge. inspect in was not up until noon, however one space was offered so they inspected us in immediately. We were provided a couple of keys, linens, as well as directions to our space on the second level (first floor in Australia) of the building. Darwin YHA is a little complex; its facilities are quickly available from any type of room.

החדר שלנו.
Basic bathroom
I booked an ensuite room. To be honest, I was expecting it to be cramped, however what greeted us was much more spacious than I imagined. There were a bunk bed as well as a double bed lying across each other, a table with chairs, as well as a little refrigerator. A ceiling fan spins overhead, however an air-conditioning system is likewise installed best above the door. The ensuite toilet-and-bath is little however functional, offering just the fundamental restroom needs. There was nothing spectacularly grand about the room, however whatever was comfortable as well as satisfactory.

Rates begin at AUD27 per bed for YHA members as well as around AUD33 for non-members. There are 4-bed as well as 6-bed spaces for male as well as female guests. double spaces with personal bath are likewise available.


It is always a great indication when the taxi chauffeur is familiar with where you would be staying. just ten minutes as well as 28 dollars from the airport, Darwin YHA’s finest possession is most likely its tactical location. Lying along the ever active Mitchell Street, it is close to numerous essential attractions as well as establishments in the city including budget plan as well as mid-range restaurants, benefit stores, as well as malls. The cinema as well as the well-known Crocosaurus Cove are just a couple of blocks away. even Bicentennial Park runs just a few meters away.

Amenities as well as Service

מִטְבָּח. If you’ve traveled around Australia on a budget, you would understand that a hostel’s must-have facility is a clean kitchen. (Eating out is as well expensive. buying for components as well as preparing meals yourself is the smart way.) YHA has it covered, of course. A supermarket, Coles, is just a short walk from here, too.

וויי – פיי. personnel would tell you that there is totally free wi-fi at the TV Room. Thankfully, although our space was at the extremely end of the site, we really had a great reception. One thing I had discovered in numerous Australian establishments is that totally free wi-fi is significantly sluggish to convince you to avail of the premium, much faster, connection. totally free wi-fi was adequate many of the time (I was just browsing as well as inspecting my social network accounts anyway), except one night when I had to send a huge data to a friend.

Darwin YHA Reception
This hallway leads to the rooms.
בִּטָחוֹן. guests are provided a code, which they ought to go into at the entrance if coming in beyond the routine operating hours. Outsiders are not enabled within the vicinity.

Tours as well as Staff. The walls of the typical areas are covered with brochures for trips in the top end as well as even in farther corners of Australia. The personnel were generous with info as well as eagerly assisted us, which made our stay simple as well as hassle-free.

Where to stay: Darwin YHA Hostel provides inexpensive accommodations best at the heart of the city center. Day trips are likewise available. go to their official site or book now at: www.yha.com.au.

How to get to Darwin YHA: From Darwin Airport, you may take a cab or flight terminal shuttle. It is only 15 kilometers away from the airport. We paid AUD 28 for the cab.

Disclosure: While this is an truthful review, let it be understood that YHA invited us to stay at this hostel at no fee so we might experience their services firsthand.

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