SINGAPORE TO MALACCA by BUS or TRAIN: crossing the border

Last updated: January 16, 2020.

Aside from being one of the richest and a lot of highly developed countries in Asia, Singapore is also a transportation hub, boasting a world-class international airport (Changi) and one of the busiest ports in the world. Its organized transport system makes it a good jump-off point to other destinations outside the city, particularly Malacca (Melaka).

Malacca, locally called Melaka, is the oldest state in Malaysia, thus the title, “The historic State”. provided as a UNESCO world Heritage Site, it is also one of the country’s a lot of crucial vacationer destinations. Its long history saw the rise and fall of the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British as they conquered the place, leaving long-standing structures and cultural influences that are still alive and visible and creating a melting pot of cultures that is genuinely one of a סוג. Although this city is rapidly developing into an urban hub, at its core is a heritage area divided into two parts by the Melaka River. On the river’s eastern bank lies the Chinatown and on its western bank, the center of the European settlement during their rule.

The historic city of Malacca may be in the heart of Peninsular Malaysia but it is only 4-5 hours away from Singapore. This indicates that if you’re checking out Singapore, you may consider paying this magnificent destination a visit, too. Be it a day trip, an overnight stay, or a whole weekend, a stop in Malacca will definitely verify to be an enlightening and satisfying experience.

The Singapore-Malacca route is one of the well-trodden backpacking trails in Southeast Asia; thanks to the ease of transport, relatively short distance, and tourist-friendliness of the two cities.

Here are some options on how to get to Malacca from Singapore.

מה מכוסה במדריך זה?

BY BUS1. purchase your ticket.
2. go to the designated pick up point.
3. Go through immigration check at the border.
4. get off at Melaka Sentral.
5. Take a cab or bus to your hotel.

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Our Experience Taking the Bus
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This is the best and least expensive option. There are several bus companies serving the Singapore – Melaka route as lots of Singaporeans flock to Melaka on weekends for a quick getaway. There are normal buses and luxury buses.

The travel time is around 4 hours, depending on the traffic situation and the border-crossing process. The fare ranges from S$20 to S$50, depending on bus class and operator.

1. purchase your ticket.

You can either get from your chosen bus company ticketing office or book online through its website. Note: When you book online, take a screenshot or print the confirmation. You can also book by means of 12go here: SINGAPORE-MALACCA BUS!

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