Sample TAIWAN itinerary (4-5 Days)

With the Taiwanese government relaxing its visa policies for many nationalities, Taiwan is groomed to ended up being a tourism powerhouse in the Asia Pacific region. In the Philippines alone, while Pinoys are eagerly waiting on the application of the visa-free entry promise, Taiwanese as well as regional airlines alike have been aggressively promoting the island by reducing fares.

But the reality is, Taiwan destinations are not difficult to sell. It has whatever going for it. It’s in a strategic location, smack in the middle of the east as well as Southeast Oriental regions. If you’re based in Manila, it’s just 2.5 hours away. It likewise has a great deal to offer, as well as they’re quite diverse: from its tough coasts to its rich inland mountains to its vibrant metropoles. These are all linked by an impressive as well as effective railway system, making it so simple to explore. You can quickly hop into a train in Taipei as well as get to other cities like Taichung as well as see their key tourist attractions too.

And oh, it’s one of the cheapest destinations in east Asia.

If you only have four to five days to check out the island, we’ve developed a few sample itineraries that you may utilize as basis for your own. feel free to make modifications to fit your needs. likewise notice that these all presume you will be flying in as well as out of Taiwan Taoyuan Airport.

We’ve likewise provided some suggested hotels that you may think about for your stay in Taipei as well as Taichung.


Taiwan itinerary #1: Taipei + Yangmingshan national Park Day TourWhere to stay in Taipei

Taiwan itinerary #2: Taipei + TaichungWhere to stay in Taichung

Taiwan itinerary #3: Taipei + HualienWhere to stay in Taipei

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Taiwan itinerary #1: Taipei + Yangmingshan national Park Day Tour

Prominent Stops: Taipei City Tour, Yangmingshan national Park
Duration: 4 Days

Where to stay in Taipei

Mr Lobsters trick Den style Hostel
9F, No.22, Sec. 1, Chongqing N. Rd, Taipei primary Station

✅ inspect rates & AVAILABILITY

Taiwan itinerary #2: Taipei + Taichung

Prominent Stops: Taipei City, Taichung City
Duration: 5 Days

Chung-she flower garden in Taichung

Where to stay in Taichung

Taichung Trans Inn
No.150, Zhongxiao Rd., South District, Taichung


Taichung Box style hotel
No.40, Jinxin St., North District, Taichung


Taiwan itinerary #3: Taipei + Hualien

Prominent Stops: Taipei City, Hualien City, Taroko Gorge
Duration: 5 Days

Tributaries to Liwu River

Where to stay in Taipei

MUIU capsule Inn
12F, No.37, Sec. 1, Kaifeng St, Taipei primary Station, Taipei, Taiwan 10044

✅ inspect rates & AVAILABILITY

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