Tongtian Avenue: one of China’s most dangerous roads

I was expecting to be ill to the tummy at some point during the ride, however the outstanding view of Tianmen Mountain’s jagged landscape was as well much of a lovely distraction. I barely felt the sharp turns.

Tongtian Avenue earns its elegant nicknames — huge entrance Road, Avenue toward Heaven, Heaven-Linking Avenue — for it takes visitors to the “Gateway to Heaven”, a natural cave crowning one side of the Tianmen Mountain. Meandering along dangerous cliffsides, the 11-kilometer serpentine road makes 99 sharp turns! Yes, 99 freaking curves!

The huge entrance road leads to Tianmen Cave aka Gateway to Heaven, hence the nickname
The number 9, like 8, is thought about lucky in many Chinese cultures. Being the greatest single digit, it symbolizes completeness as well as eternity. It is stated that 99 is an even luckier number. Back in the 1400s, the number 99 is reserved for the prohibited City.

The building of the road took eight years to complete: 1998 to 2006. Today, aside from being a gateway, it is likewise an attraction in its own right, one of many that draw tourists to the Tianmen mountain national Park.

The road as seen from Tianmen mountain cable car!
The 11-km huge entrance road has 99 sharp twists as well as turns like these!
View of the huge entrance road from the end point, the Tianmen Cave

My journey began at the middle station of the Tianmen mountain cable Car. The Cave was my last stop in Zhangjiajie as I was arranged to leave the city for Guilin later that day. pressed for time, I thought about backing out upon seeing the long queue however decided to push with with it when I realized exactly how quickly it flowed. The park has buses that deal with the mind-blowingly perilous twists as well as turns. It was a frightening trip however the fear was overpowered by the abundance of beauty that surrounded me.

The avenue leads to the base of the cave at 1300 meters above sea level: a dizzying approach to dizzying heights. together with Guoliang tunnel Road, it is regarded by many as one of the most dangerous roads in China.

Tongtian Avenue (Big entrance Road)
הפארק הלאומי טיאן גיא הר,
Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China

Admission Fee: CNY 258 (inclusive of cable cars and truck rides)
Opening Hours: 8am-6pm (4pm last admission)

How to get to Tianmen Mountain: Zhangjiajie has its own flight terminal so flying is the fastest method to reach the city. If you’re coming from Southeast Asia, you may fly via Kuala Lumpur (AirAsia) to Wuhan or Guilin. From Wuhan, Zhangjiajie City can be reached by a 9-hour train ride. From Guilin, you may board an overnight train to Liuzhou or Changsha City, then one more train to Zhangjiajie (total travel time is around 18 hours excluding layovers). From Zhangjiajie Train Terminal, the Tianmen mountain cable cars and truck station can be reached on foot (around 10-15-minute walk).

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